Tile World Downloads


Linux users can download the source code here:


Alternately, you can download this distribution, which comes with the fan-made Level Packs (CCLP1, CCLP2, and CCLP3) already installed:


You will also need to have the SDL library (version 1.2) installed if you do not already. SDL can be downloaded here:



Windows users can download pre-built binaries here:

tworld-1.3.2-win32.exe (self-extracting zipfile)

These zipfiles come with the fan-made level packs already installed:

tworld-1.3.2-win32-CCLPs.exe (self-extracting zipfile)

Separate Graphic Downloads

The above distributions all come with a set of graphic files that define a set of tiles that are 48x48 in size, with 24-bit pixels. (The graphic files account for nearly half of the distributions' file sizes.) The downloads in this section are made available for those wish to use an alternate set of tiles.

The following two distributions contain no tile sets at all:

Linux: tworld-1.3.2-noimgs.tar.gz (464k)
Windows: tworld-1.3.2-noimgs-win32.zip (502k)

After downloading and installing one of these, supply the missing bitmaps with those from any one of the following:

48 x 48 tiles 24 bpp  tar.gz  zip  (553k)
48 x 48 tiles 8 bpp  tar.gz  zip  (256k)
32 x 32 tiles 24 bpp  tar.gz  zip  (263k)
32 x 32 tiles 8 bpp  tar.gz  zip  (134k)

The 8bpp tile sets are faster to download, and will provide slightly better color on a 256-color system. The smaller, 32x32 tiles will work much better on systems with slow bus speeds.

Or, if you have a copy of the original MS version of "Chip's Challenge" and a resource editor, you can extract the original tile bitmap from the executable and use that for Tile World's MS-mode. See the documentation for more information.


All of the above, plus older versions of Tile World and other support files, can be found by viewing the public download directory:


Tile World
Brian Raiter