The Teensy ELF Executable

This is a recording of a tech talk that I presented in 2014 at SeaGL, the annual Seattle GNU/Linux conference. The talk is essentially an in-person presentation of the original "Whirlwind" essay, along with some sneak peeks at the later material in the final third. Instead of displaying slides or static images, I simply projected my terminal session and typed as I spoke.

Download links: Ogg MP4 WebM.

I wasn't set up to do a video recording during my talk, so instead I did the next best thing: I recorded the audio using a portable recorder, and then I ran script(1) on my console to capture the presentation. Afterwards, I made a video recording of a terminal replaying the session, and combined that with the audio recording. (Although I had to do some jiggering to get the two synchronized.) This does mean that there are some stretches in the video where nothing visible is happening, though.

The full list of programs used: script, scriptreplay, recordmydesktop, audacity, pitivi, and ffmpeg.

Brian Raiter