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Games for the Linux Console

The programs in this distribution are re-implementations of games for the Linux console. Included please find three games:

The games make use of the Linux console font and mouse support to improve the user interface.

Why Yet Another Version of Sokoban?

One day I was playing Xsokoban when it struck me that this game clearly was originally created for a text terminal. Curious, I did some hunting around, and finally found one curses-based implementation of sokoban, a Linux 1.x port from Minix code (which in turn had been ported at least once before). I realized that the X version of the game had completely eclipsed its origins at the terminal.

I'm not a big fan of GUIs for the sake of graphics. Pretty pictures are nice, but text mode is where I spend most of my time. And the Linux console has many extremely advanced features for a text terminal, yet I just don't see many programs taking advantage of them. I decided to rewrite some of my favorite games for the Linux console, so I could play them, pretty pictures and all, without having to fire up X.

All the programs in this distribution are available under the GNU General Public License. Share and Enjoy. Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Version History

27 Jan 2020: version 2.2b

16 Apr 2013: version 2.2a

12 Nov 2000: version 2.2

16 Sept 2000: version 2.1

9 Sept 2000: version 2.0

2 Sept 2000: version 1.0

Brian Raiter