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Bootstrapping Understanding: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering
"In this essay I will walk through the process of reverse-engineering some data files from an old computer game, in order to show you a little bit of how it's done."
Cryptic Crossword: Amateur Crypto and Reverse Engineering
"If you've never tried to reverse-engineer a program before, you may be wondering how one goes about such a task. The following essay retraces one of the more colorful reverse-engineering problems that I've pursued."
A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux
"This document explores methods for squeezing excess bytes out of simple programs. (Of course, the more practical purpose of this document is to describe a few of the inner workings of the ELF file format and the Linux operating system. But hopefully you can also learn something about how to make really teensy ELF executables in the process.)"
Prime Number Hide-and-Seek: How the RSA Cipher Works
"This text explains the mathematics behind RSA -- how and why it works. The intended audience is just about anyone who is interested in the topic and who can remember a few basic facts from algebra: what a variable is, the difference between a prime number and a composite number, and the like."
Short Words to Explain Relativity
"Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity In Words of Four Letters or Less"

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