Miscellaneous Non-textual Stuff

Most of my activity finds expression in textual media, but there are occasionally exceptions. I've collected some of the exceptions here.

My Cryptic Sketchbook. An opaque little codex that seems to be about ... something.

The Cynical-Literalist's Tarot. A hand-drawn Major Arcana (of sorts).

My Scavenger Scores. Scavenger is a game for X Windows, written by Dave Ashley.

Fish Fillets Solution Archive. Fish Fillets is a difficult puzzle game, originally written by Altar Interactive and now available under the GPL.

My Linux console font. Some of the uglier characters in the default console font prompted me to create my own. This font includes the Unicode data for displaying the full Latin-1 and VT100 character sets (at the expense of some of the IBM PC set).

Brian Raiter